WatchUp - App Privacy Policy

WatchUp does NOT transmit, process or store any personal data related to your WhatsApp account elsewhere other than on your own personal Apple devices, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch, and directly with the official WhatsApp service. All data transmitted to WhatsApp is securely encrypted, many parts using full end-to-end encryption.

We do NOT operate servers or services to process your data anywhere.

We do NOT have access to your personal chats, contact lists or any other data or information related your WhatsApp account.

We do NOT employ of any kind of usage tracking within the app

By signing up to WhatsApp you have seperately agreed to WhatsApp's terms and privacy policy. Those terms are not part of this policy agreement.

By enabling iCloud data backup on your iOS device, some data may be transmitted to your iCloud online storage. This is solely handled by terms you have agreed to with Apple Inc.

For any questions regarding privacy, feel free to contact us: